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The online casinos South Africa legal status.  South Africa is the largest gambling market on the continent, according to some forecasts, South Africa’s GGR will reach $2.7 billion by the end of 2022. South Africa’s GDP is the second largest on the continent.

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In recent years, sports betting and online slots South Africa have experienced the highest percentage growth of all forms of local gambling. It reached 21.9% of gambling revenue in 2021, which amounted to $425 million. Although, it is worth noting that the most popular type of gambling today is the national lottery.

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Presumably, 50% of the local adult population visit the South African online casinos list and bet on sports regularly, most people bet at least once a month.

According to recent studies, about three-quarters of the population have gambled at least once in their lives. The same studies show that more than half of the population considers online casinos in South Africa legal an “interesting pastime” ( Springbok casino South Africa ).

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Online gambling and South African laws

To date, online gambling and any types of new online casinos in South Africa are illegal throughout the country, except online destinations of licensed land-based bookmakers.

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The types of commercial activities that are considered illegal are listed in the National Gambling Act of 1996 under the general category of “interactive games”. The list includes bingo, poker, and other gambling games, including live casinos online in South Africa.

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The only types of gambling that are considered legal are online sports betting and horse racing. Land-based casinos and best casino in South Africa  have also been legal since 1994, although there are only four large casinos (usually more than 180 tables for card games and lots of slots).

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Are bans an obstacle to the development of South African Casinos?

Following these laws, funds won at online casinos in South Africa legal is considered to have been obtained illegally. Such financial transactions are monitored by banks, and gamblers can receive serious fines.

At the same time, despite the bans and all preventive initiatives, South Africans continue to play as in foreign best South African online casinos using a VPN or proxy.

Online casino South Africa legal

Online gambling real money South Africa legal

In the last 10 years, there have been many various initiatives in South Africa considering the legalization of online gambling in the country. And indeed, the local government could receive significant revenues by expanding the range of services provided by online casino South Africa legal, however, the official position of the state is that the main purpose of gambling regulation is not to generate income, but to protect the interests of players for online gambling real money south africa.