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Online casinos SAGambling and online casinos SA. Gambling in South Africa has been allowed since 1994. All forms of gambling have been legalized. More than 40 casinos operating in South Africa today. The largest casino is located in Johannesburg, Gauteng province. There are 4 large casinos located there, which together contain more than 180 tables for card games, more than 5,200 slot machines, and video poker.

Online gambling real money South Africa

The largest casino Grand West Casino & Entertainment World is located in Cape Town. There are 79 gaming tables, 10 poker tables, more than 2500 slot machines, and video poker machines.

But what about online gambling real money South Africa? Is it as legal as land-based casinos or are there any restrictions? Let’s try to figure it out:

The legal status of online casinos in SA.

Any kind of live casino online in South Africa, virtual bingo, and unlicensed online lotteries were outlawed in 2010 when the Gauteng Provincial Court banned Swaziland Based Pigg Peak online casino. A precedent was set, and since then all internal new online casinos in South Africa have been banned.

South African online casinos list

There are only three types of online gambling laws:

  • the online platform of the national lottery “Daily Lotto”,
  • sports betting,
  • betting on horse racing.

Everything else is included in the so-called “gray market”. It is still unknown whether the government will consider legalizing online business in the future or not ( South African online casinos list ).

Online casinos SA

Online gambling industry in South Africa.

Even though online casinos SA are legally prohibited, the players themselves can use the services of international gambling sites using VPN services.

Online slots in South Africa

Players can make money deposits in local currency, which simplifies the service. But there is one caveat: from October 4, 2016, the authorities can confiscate any winnings of gamblers in online slots in South Africa. That year, the Department of Trade and Industry published a new amendment to the National Gambling Amendment Bill, according to which the court has the right to confiscate and freeze players’ winnings.

Best South African online casinos

Thus, it is possible to play online casinos in SA – but it is not a fact that you will be able to get your winnings, since even transactions within the country are prohibited.

Best paying online casino in South Africa in 2022.

The list of the best South African online casinos of 2022 include:

Online casinos South Africa legal

Top popular online slots in South Africa.

The best casinos in South Africa and online casinos South Africa legal offer popular five-reel video slots such as:

  • Gladiator;
  • Golden Rally;
  • Hot Safari;
  • Universal Jackpot;
  • The Hulk Jackpot;
  • Silver Bullet;
  • Good luck on Halloween.